Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dreams With Lisa Nicole and Dwayne Johnson

Lisa was in a restaurant and she was chasing someone because she wanted them to eat something. I kept trying to stop her, then she tried to make me eat some and I was like "No".  She wasn't happy about that lol and I kept on trying to tell her you can't make people eat something if they don't want to.

I walked into Honduras,  I notice their was a pond where Lisa’s car had crashed. I saw a dock on the pond and I walked on it into the rest of the part of Honduras. Her family members were their specifically Wanda, Reigndrop and Ronald. Then out of now where Dwayne Johnson bounces in from the sky and kept jumping around the place. Then he told me that he was going to walk around Lisa's property to have a look and wait on making a decision to donate to the LisaLopesFoundation. Lisa's family were not pleased with him stalling on donations and were being disrespectful towards him. One of them said. " How are you going to wait to donate?" 
While still in the dream I had a feeling Dwayne already donated and was just being goofy.  (When I woke up I had a thought that he helped build the dock on the pond.)

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