Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lisa's hologram

Dreamed of Lisa's hologram n TLC performing with it.

TLC and Rihanna

Dreamed I was trying to make some outfits for a project dealing with TLC,
I could find Lisa and Chilli cut outs but not Tionne.
From distance I could see Rihanna and
the person that was helping me with my project asked could we use Rih for Lisa's part,
I'm like yes that works...

Dreamed Lisa...

Dreamed Lisa was alive for a moment n healed, 
she talked about cotton being in her nose or something to help her breathe

Robyn Fenty

Dreamed I Sat Down and Saw Rihanna with her head down and into her business, 
I didn't think she would see but she did hugging me and asking about 
the 200 dollar fee for meeting and greeting with fans. 
(Then I started looking online to see info about it)

Sister Bond

Dreamed Left Eye and Reigndrop were laying on a bed, 
Lisa apparently been faking her death she was dressed in red(like the honey cover), Her sister was wearing white.

Looked Like Harley Quinn

Dreamed Lisa looked like a female joker, similar to Dark Knight's Joker. 

Her eyes were darken and she had pigtails.