Monday, February 23, 2015

Left Eye was there

DX: There is another story that I think you can share with us. You were there with ‘Pac when he recorded “Hit ‘Em Up,” correct?

Mike Mosley: Yes, I was there that night… Actually, I got some video footage from that night [Writer’s Note: see above]. I don’t know how I got in the Death Row Records studio with a camera, because they wasn’t letting nobody in there with nothing. But like I said, when it was the Bay Area cats [it was] a whole different vibe… I probably got there at like two or three in the morning. I had got lost and we ended up getting there [at] two or three in the morning and he was just starting [to] record “Hit ‘Em Up.” So everybody was all pumped up, hyped up… It was in the heat of the battle at that point. So he was playing it to us, was laughing and joking. We was like ready for war at that point. [And] I had Goodie Mob come – good friends of mine. And Left Eye was there… It was more of a fun thing. It wasn’t really like a angry type of [vibe in the studio]. And then we did my song, the “Good Life.” (GOODIE MOB SHOWED UP) (SAID LEFTEYE WAS THERE)

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